Our Services

Our staff is ready to help you navigate through the ups and downs that is life as a business owner. In order to help you reach those goals, we will:

  • Get an overview of your current plans and discuss your future objectives. Our team of experts can help you evaluate your current group or individual health coverage or other employee benefits such as short and long term disability, dental and vision coverage but we’ll need to know more about your current benefit package before we can make the proper recommendation for you. This means giving us a clear overview of what you have currently so we can evaluate how we can help moving forward.
  • Evaluate your current insurance products. Are you providing health, dental, vision, and disability coverage to your employees? What are the costs and coverage options under your current plan? Who is your broker and are they servicing your account properly? Do you have all the current information on changes in that market? What will you do with those benefit packages once you retire? We can answer those questions quickly and accurately.
  • Make recommendations and assess your objectives. Insurance products and planning strategies can be confusing without the assistance of someone to help navigate them. We’ll take the reins and guide you every step of the way.
  • Help you lead your team. Many times our clients have advisors that they have developed relationships with over the years. We will work with those accountants and attorneys by allowing you to be the quarterback of this team while we help ensure the team members are on the same playing field.
  • Evaluate your progress. Change is inevitable in this world. We are there to help you adjust to today’s changing business environment while keeping steadfast to the fundamental goals that you have established. We’ll help you track your progress and adjust to those changes.